Internet and Business Online – Virtual Tour Guides

Traveling was an adventure when I was younger. We would travel for as long as possible and then we’d simply look for the first available motel when we didn’t want to go any further. Sometimes that meant visiting multiple motels before finding one that was either available or affordable. Often it meant continuing our journey a bit further before we could rest.

At the time I don’t remember thinking this was strange, but the 21st century has changed the way we manage motel reservations.

Today if you plan a trip you can use a map generator like Google or MapQuest to map out a daily travel schedule placing you in the most desired locations in route to your ultimate destination. Then you can access multiple motel reservation sites to help you find a motel with the amenities you require and at a price you can live with.

Sometimes these motels offer special savings if you belong to an organization like AAA or if you are involved in the military. Some motels offer a significant discount if you will be staying due to a family medical issue where a family member is in a local hospital.

Consumers have found it almost commonplace to cross check multiple online sources to determine the best deal and at one of their favorite motels. Consumers also like the photo tour of the facility. Children gasp over the pool and every picture is gazed at in hopes that the reality will be similar to the cyber-visual.

Some consumers even book while in route using a laptop or a cell phone.

As you can see the accommodation adventures of childhood have been removed as an adult. However, I suppose it is possible that the adventure has simply been moved to an online environment where answers are given prior to arrival.

The Internet remains one of the greatest agents of change in how the world does business. The guesswork in so many life arenas has been removed.

For instance if you want to know more about a medical diagnosis you simply place the term in the search engine of your computer and find the answer. If you want to know more about installing cabinets in your home you use the search function and get step-by-step instructions.

As a business owner this is the environment in which you are immersing yourself. You are appealing to those who are accustomed to the immediacy of information. Consumers don’t just want to know if you sell a product they also want to know how the product works, the history of the product, special uses for the product and if this product compliments other items they may already have.

Can they find this information on your website?

Unlike my travel time as a child today’s consumer does not like surprises. They don’t want to settle for your product simply because that’s what they stumbled across.

Like the motel sites you can visit online buyers want to know more about the amenities, discounts and photo tours available for the product you sell.

As a business owner you are not only appealing to an individuals desire for a product you are also appealing to their trust. They won’t generally give the first without the second.

Internet and Businesses Online – Internet Marketing

If you are a business owner that has a business website online, you should be conducting a decent amount of social networking as a lead generation for your business. There are numerous ways to conduct business as well as generate leads but a major key player in increasing your sales with your business is through networking with other people.

Lead generation should be the ultimate goal of your business. When you network online, it can produce many positive results for your online business as well as your products and services, which your business offers.

One of the great benefits which social network marketing offers is creating long-lasting relationships with your customers. This can include making professional or personal friendships which can also provide more convenient ways to connect with your target market as well as receiving referrals and gaining mentors.

You can establish yourself as an expert through these types of network marketing. You can create blogs or publish articles, which answer questions or even give tips to your customers. You can invite friends whether professional or personal to live events, which are commonly, titled webinars or teleclasses.

You can drive internet traffic to your business website while introducing special promotions as well as downloads while interacting with your customers or potential customers.

Social websites provide storage of photo’s and video’s which will aid in gaining publicity and if you are on a budget, social networking websites are a cost-effective way in obtaining the publicity you are seeking for your products and services upon your business website.

It is very much worth the time and effort to join online forums with these types of networking websites. When you do will be able to answer and ask questions either directly or through forum blogging or articles. You can post comments or events as well as tips and surveys and polls are also very popular in gaining the attention of not only your current customers but also potential customers.

Videos are a great addition to your social website. Remember to keep the videos professional. Send requests to people within the online community. Search for related groups while interacting with the online users within that particular group.

Internet and Business Online – Some People Just Don’t Want Success

Believe it or not, some people don’t want success. Think I’m kidding? Let me tell you something. A lot of folks talk a really good game. They say how they’d do anything for success. But when it comes down to the brass tactics, they’re no place to be found. They don’t respond to your communications or anything. After reading this article and a few true stories, you’ll realize that what I am saying is true. Some people really won’t do what it takes to be successful.

A long time ago, I offered coaching to a class of 20 students. It was truly the deal of a lifetime. These people all said that they wanted to succeed and would do anything to succeed. So I wrote up a game plan for the 30 days… yes… 30 days…and gave it to each one. It was quite extensive and covered a number of topics from business planning to copywriting. I left no stone unturned. Well, when the 30 days ended, out of the 20 people in the class, only ONE actually finished the whole course. That’s it…ONE. I have no idea what happened to the rest of them. Some, I never heard from after the FIRST DAY.

More recently, actually it’s going on right now, somebody at the Warrior Forum made an offer to one lucky person to give them free hosting. Other people chipped in other services and I even offered free coaching for seven whole days. The package was incredible. Two days into the offer, there was ONE person who even applied. Here we have a forum full of new people looking to have some success and two days into the offer, we had ONE person apply for it. The apathy is just amazing. You would have thought they’d be coming out of the woodwork BEGGING for this offer.

Finally, my favorite story is the one where I actually offered to setup this guy’s business for him. I’m talking about hosting, a site, a product…everything. I was going to do all the work and get him up and running so that everything would run on autopilot. All he had to do was sit back and collect the money. Yes, it was a personal friend of mine. I don’t do this for everybody. Guess what? He turned me down. He said he didn’t have the time. What? Didn’t have the time to sit back and collect money?

I’m telling you folks. Some people do NOT want to succeed. I don’t know if it’s because they’re afraid of success or what, but some people would rather be failures.

Hard to believe, but true.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim